Serpenti Incantati replica watches available in ruby or diamond

In 2019 Bulgari presents several new watch models. The watchmaking firm, based in Rome, continually reinvents itself by associating its expertise with precious metals and Swiss precision in watchmaking crafts.

In response to the new Serpenti Incantati model, we observe how Bulgari fake watches captivates the snake in a totally innovative way through a bewitching interpretation of high watchmaking.

The basis of inspiration for this jewel is found in a vintage brooch created in Bulgari high jewelry workshops in 1930. Taking up the creation of this piece, the Italian house, attests to its power in the future represented by its rich legacy.

Serpenti Incantati is a reptile that captivates, a snake so beautiful that it is never fearsome. It traditionally belongs to the bestiary of Ancient Rome and since then the Roman jewelers of Bulgari have managed to domesticate it successfully. In the course of finding its place among the collection of the Italian house, it has been unmarked for being a clock that hides inside the snake's head, a secret dial and a Swiss high precision quartz movement. The snake now has a new look by adopting the rounded watch case.

In this new watchmaking creation, the reptile coils for the first time around the sphere. Each of the parts of both the head and the body of the snake, have been reconsidered and fake watches UK completely re-designed to fit more contemporary lines.

Four options are possible, since the Serpenti Incantati watch is available in a rubelite or diamond version, and each in turn, expressed through two different interpretations.