This replica watches shows the wearer the remaining life

Kickstarter has been for years the platform that in addition to really great ideas offers all kinds of extreme ideas. In addition to useful inventions, such as self-adhesive bottle openers or train extinguishing modified fires in which Neapolitan pizza is cooked replica watches, there are some replica watch projects.

And then there is Tikker. This replica watches does nothing more than ... show its wearer the remaining time of life. You have read well, a countdown to your own disappearance, conveniently packed in a digital clock.

However, the philosophy behind it seems interesting: Manufacturers want to make us see how precious each moment of our lives is. "Make every second valuable" is Tikker's motto, and therefore replica watches uk he has already earned my recognition.

A shocking issue for many, but Tikker treats it with a facility that seems exemplary.