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“The new Raxter rack is fantastic. Easy to use, super stable, quality construction, and high quality finish. The only rack for my bikes!”

General Manager, VP, Bike USA

 “The big downside was that I wasted a lot of time looking for a downside so I could give it my Seal of Semi-Approval. Aside from it not coming in pink, not having an automated robotic arm to load the bike (maybe a good idea for 2009?), or not magically installing itself I'd say there really isn't anything wrong with it. Trust me, I looked.”

“The biggest advantage of the Raxter rack over any other rear rack is not so obvious. The  wheel trays allow you to vary the placement of each bike ten inches from left to right. This means no more "Are you okay with my saddle/fork/brake lever/pedal touching/breaking/scratching/rubbing through your wheel/paint/car/rotor?" Also there will be no more "If you reverse Bill's bike, remove Clint's saddle, lower my saddle, put a sock on my pedal, lock down Clint's fork..." You get the picture. I have never seen any rear mount rack that allows you the freedom to just put the bikes on and go. Simple as that.”

2006 24 Hour Solo Single Speed World Champ, famous blogger and gear tester –

The RAXTER Rack has been perfect for us. We take bikes with us everywhere we go and the RAXTER gave us the freedom of 2 or 4 bikes in a gas saving, low profile package. Loading and unloading is simple and accommodates any combination of road and mountain bikes."

Eddie & Namrita O'Dea
Ultra-Endurance MTB Racers & Event Directors of Fool's Gold MTB Race

"This is what you call versatile! Support from Raxter is far better than any other brand I've found."

Krista Park
Professional Mountain Bike Racer

My first experience with Raxter Racks was on my trip to the 2005 UCI Masters World Championships.  We took four bikes on the trip, two road bikes and two mountain bikes. I tried to place all the bikes on our Saris bike rack that we owned at the time and all four bikes weren’t going to be able to make the trip without destroying the paint.  I remembered seeing Mike out at the local trails and seeing his Raxter Rack, so I gave him a call!  Mike at Raxter explained how each bike can be micro positioned laterally on the rack ensuring that each bike was safe from damaging each other.  So, I bought my Raxter Rack and was able to get all the bikes on the rack without any frame contact or even handle bar rub! We drove from Tulsa, OK all the way to Kamloops, BC, the trip home was easier with my 3rd place finish in the 30-39 UCI Medal hanging from the mirror!

Raymond Hall
9 Year Veteran of the Trek/VW Racing Team
2005 Texas Norba National Semi-Pro GC Winner
2005 Bronze Medal Winner in the UCI Masters Worlds XC Championship
2006 Ouachita Challenge Winner (Course Record Holder)
2009 Gold Medalist in Mountain Biking at World Police and Fire Games 

Notes from actual Raxter customers:

... I wanted to let you know the Raxter rack I received at the Yankee Springs Trail Benefit in the spring has been a great rack.  I had read about them and was interested in buying one, but never saw one in person until the event.  Upon looking it over closely, I knew it would be exactly what I needed.  I have used it frequently and am very pleased with it’s performance.  It’s also interesting that I get lots of questions and people looking it over at trailhead parking lots.  Others are impressed with the rack after seeing it in action.  Thanks for lining Raxter as a supporter of the event.  I was able to get an awesome rack and help out the MMBA at the same time!  J.H., Belmont, MI

I received it. I love this carrier. Well made and light. 

Both packages arrived yesterday – faster than expected. It took less than 5 minutes to set up – faster than expected. It took 20 minutes to clean out the rust on the receiver on my hitch – longer than expected. …Thank you for the prompt and really friendly service.

You provide some of the BEST customer service I have ever encountered - THANK YOU!!!

 By the way, the rack is great! Used it on a 365 mile trip for it’s inaugural run, from Pittsburgh to Ray’s MTB park in Cleveland.Easy to mount, bikes are secure, and a great price! I bought a hitch rack because I have several cars and can now use the rack on any of them. Thanks!

Hey, Mike and Kelli thanks for all your help. I got my rack about two weeks ago from Reser bicycle outfitters in Newport KY. I am very happy with it and I’m showing it off to my riding buddies.

I just wanted to let everybody know we did receive the replacement parts yesterday and everything is working great. A big thanks to Raxter for what I consider extraordinary customer service! The rack is working great and I will definitely recommend Raxter if I ever know of anybody looking for a rack (or bike accessories). Thanks again - a very satisfied customer...

Just a quick note to let you know how great your product works… we purchased your 1-1049 2-Bike Rack and have installed it on our new Roadtrek Motorhome. We have just recently completed a few trips and I have to say, your product performed flawlessly… a great design. We love it…easy to install and easy to use. I researched extensively prior to purchasing a unit, and I have to say I was a bit skeptical about your product, however, you have proven me wrong… this is a GREAT product. Again, thank you for a great product, we are extremely pleased with your product’s performance and just thought you should know. Keep up the good work.

... I want to tell you how much I love my Raxter! I bought it because it was the only wheel tray mount carrier that could take the 3" wide tires that I have on my Electra cruiser. After having used it for a while, it gets better every time I use it and I always get compliments when I'm around other bikers. Great going!

Wanted to let you know how much I love my new Raxter rack. It's easy to use, really light and strong. I've attached a pic of my bike on the rack. Thanks for making such a great product!

The rack has been awesome.

Just wanted to let you know that I … haven’t taken the rack off the car since I got it! So far, the rack has been great, and I’ve encouraged my local shop to carry some. Such a great product, I recommend it to anyone who asks about it.

This really is a superior product.

replica uhren

I bought a two bike hitch rack (1-1049) and am very satisfied with it. I think the quality and design are top notch. I have a regular diamond frame bike, but my wife has a Vision R40 recumbent with a short wheelbase and underseat steering. I had a difficult time finding a rack that would handle both. The feature that was most helpful is the ability to offset the bikes.

These are the best racks!

The new black powder coat looks trick and the new quick release is super smooth.

Just picked up one of your racks from Bike Carrier Direct. Excellent experience, and your rack is the finest in quality and design that I have experienced. Thank you.....

Hi: I just wanted to say that I truly appreciate your product. I've been using your single 2" rack for about 2 years. It's a simple yet elegant, well designed and well constructed unit. Components are top quality, as is the finish. I've never had an issue with using the Velcro straps to secure my bike. I've had back problems for years (but still riding,) and was searching for a rack that was light weight, easy to install and load, and close enough to the ground to not require a great deal of lifting Your unit fits the bill perfectly.

I purchased one of your 2” two bike hitch racks, as well as a two bike extension … I’ve been thrilled with the product, and look forward to continued use.

I have now been using your two bike rack for over two years. It is by far the best rack I have ever used! Ingenious in its design and usability. Thanks for saving my bikes and saving me time!

I received everything Friday and have used it several times over the Memorial Day Weekend. The Raxter Rack is exactly what I was looking for! I can fit all 4 bikes without a problem: Recumbent, mountain bike, 20” bike, and a 14” with training wheels. The hitch lock and cable work great with it too. I can slide the cable through the extra hole in the folding assembly and have assurance nobody will take the rack or bikes. I saw a few people checking out the Raxter when I was parked at the trail.


I wanted to drop a thank you for my summer of easy bike hauling, thanks to the Raxter rack I bought last spring. I was thinking of your company as I have had so many folks ask me about my rack, and I just again, gave your info to a client. I gotta admit – I was leery about the weight of the rack, I found it very easy to not only assemble, but to take on and off. I am 5’3” and only weigh 120, so if I can do it – anybody can. Thank you for all of your great service you personally gave prior to the sale, and I am certain if I have a question or issue in the future you will be just as attentive.